Reviews & Testimonials

We have took some reviews from our Facebook page from clients.


January 19 at 11:32pm · 

We have been doing our taxes here for around 10 years, and wouldn't consider anywhere else. We drive from Oliver Springs to have Jerry Tipton or his knowledgeable staff prepare our taxes!


Wayne Freeman reviewed Jerry Tipton CPA5 star

January 23, 2014 · 

Awesome service!! Wish I had more than five stars to give.


Kim Colley reviewed Jerry Tipton CPA5 star

January 27, 2017 · 

This is my tax guy!! He's always been, has done my taxes since I started working at 14 and he always will be! Everyone I know highly recommends him!


Jenny Lucas reviewed Jerry Tipton CPA5 star

January 8, 2015 · 

I have been going to file my taxes wth Jerry and his associates for as long as I can remember! They are all so nice and helpful with the process to make tax time not so stressful. Won't go anywhere else!

 Lori Waddell Lay I highly recommend Jerry Tipton CPA’s. We went to them last year after we had already had our taxes done by the person who had been doing them for years. I got to studying it for some strange reason because I don’t know anything about taxes but noticed something that didn’t seem right so I took them to Tipton’s and asked them to look at them and sure enough I was right. So they did an amendment for the ones we had just had done as well as an amendment for as many years back as they could for the same error and we ended up getting over $2000.00 back just from those errors. We will never go any where else again. 


Tonya Sands reviewed Jerry Tipton CPA5 star

January 19 at 6:15pm · 

My husband and I have done our taxes here the past 12yrs! My parents have been going to Jerry for about 20-25 years now! We wouldn't go anywhere else! #besttaxplacearound


Karen Christian reviewed Jerry Tipton CPA5 star

January 19 at 10:29am · 

We have used you guys for several years now. We walk in and walk out feeling like the world was lifted off of our shoulders! Thank you for always being there and for all the long hours you put in.

 Sam Duggins Our first year in K’ville, we went to one of those “big box stores” for our taxes and got charged $260 to find the exact same deductions we had already found on our own. (They actually disallowed one we checked on later and found should have been included.) We found you guys the next year and have never paid close to $100 for better work. We have now moved near Cleveland, but we keep going back to you for our taxes.